Saturday, January 28, 2006

Celeb Fit Club/ Biggest Loser

I have to admit that I'm a fan of both of these shows. Although - man - I think that most of the celebs are tiring and annoying and whiny. Which I appreciate in myself - but in celebs who ask to go on these shows??? TOO FREAKING BAD!

The BL people can be annoying too - like crying Matt from last season, but seriously - those people work SO hard and work their asses off. They lose weight like crazy people. I also think it's cute that Crying Matt and Sugar Sweet chick from last season are a couple now. A couple of skinny people. :) I did think though that Suzy QT and Trainer Bob had something going on...

CFC is actually much more realistic in the world of weight loss (2-3 lbs a week VS BL's 5-15 lbs a week) - but BL is just so more inspiring and motivating.

So - CFC

Ant - he's just so cute. and funny. I just can't stand it when he has to throw out those canned little diatribes "we here at CFC are sorry to hear of your loss and we want you to know that we're here for you in any way we can, now get up on that scale"

Bizarre - yep - he is.

Young MC - "bust a move" he's just precious.

Gunnar nelson - ok - he's soooo much cuter without that scary long blond hair - and his brother (although I always liked matthew best). He still has those chiseled girly cheekbones though.

Bruce Vilanche - he's a funny guy - but I'm not sure he could be uglier. I think without the glasses and scary hair he might be LESS scary looking. He has a great attitude though.

Chastity Bono - I dig her. She's honest and working hard.. but man lose some weight already ;)

Countess - I don't know what to say about her... I guess just "we're sorry for your recent troubles, we wish you the best of luck" hee hee

Kelly - Yeah - she was hot... I LOVED weird science... my brother and I still quote the asshole brother (bill paxton) on a regular basis. As for her now, as a big old fat assed woman, I do get tired of hearing about how hard life is as a sex symbol. Then don't dress like a tramp and parade out like a sex symbol. I see plenty of hot women around me that manage a certain level of respectability and I don't hear them whining about being too hot - all that often.

I am saving my least favorite for last - Tempesst.... Damn - that girl is annoying. I'm proud of her for her "I'm me and that's all I'll ever be tude" but seriously - don't come on a show like CFC looking to spew that. She's whiny, priveleged, spoiled and did I mention annoying? She's just like whiny Vanessa on Cosby show. WAHHHH!

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Kirdy said...

You pretty much nailed 'em all across the board. Did you see Young MC and Tone Loc hangin' at the diner? Yeah, I graduated in '89. Represent! I thought it was cool. Showin' my age.

Tempest bugs. 'Nuff said.