Saturday, January 28, 2006


Scary stuff man. Sometimes they bring laughter - but most of the time they creep me out and want to make me go off and create that ultra secretive - "you don't know who I am" kind of blog.

here are some search topics people found this blog by:

- hot preggos (wow, they were sooo off base, unless of course they meant hot in the sense of overheated fat women preggo)
- chunky green discharge
- got her haircut
- Miss Hannigan - little girls
- snow crab + pregnancy
- Zach was killed by...

Gotta love it...

1 comment:

Kirdy said...

My blog has only been found ONCE using a search topic, and that was potty training. So I go through the whole "no pics or names" thing for no reason! Kinda sad, kwim?

And why would ANYONE search chunky green discharge?