Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ohhh - so this is why I have girls...

Today has been so cool in the world of kids.

Anna and I had a great snuggle during nap time - the kind that brings tears to your eyes when you realize the value of what you are holding in your arms. The kind that makes you realize just how blindly they love you and need you at this point. She was just clinging to me with that "you are my mom and I love you" cling. The kind that lets you know that all is well in her world - and so it is in yours.

Then - Julia came in to announce that Dad left for his run and left her alone. So - she joined us in bed and we had the best time. Julia was playing with my Happy Hands massage thing (NO - this is NOT a special toy of love - this is a bonafide ok thing for kids to play with - I got it from my doula during my pregnancy with Anna to rub my back with) and decided we were going to have a slumber party. We put lotion on each others feet and took turns rubbing backs with the Happy Hands thing. We danced on the bed. Then pretended to sleep - complete with Anna's fake - but hilarious - snoring. Julia was so cute "mom, this is the life" :)

So - even without sleep - kids are cool.

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Joanna said...

So funny, I saw Dan out on that run and thought, "I wonder what Heather's up to with the girls..." now I know!