Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shop is closed up for the night

Things are still nice and closed up in the Hoo ha area... that's all well and good - but the turn of events that led me to the excitement of today has earned me a new spot in the "super cautious" classification. It was not even a week ago that I got the top secret medical waiver of avoiding all the high risk stuff I was originally scheduled for - but now it's all back on track. POOP

Mr. OB does not like that I had regular contractions at 6 minutes apart. Mr. OB does not like that I had blood.

So - Mr. OB when he's not happy - get's schedule happy apparently.

I will no longer be seen at that office - you know - the convenient one - since each appointment will now include either an ultrasound/non stress test or bio-physical profile.

Mr. OB was apparently so thrilled by my Hooha that he's making me come to his office 2 times a week for the rest of my pregnancy - and soon to be adding a third visit by seeing the perinatologist. YEAH me... it's over an hour to both of these offices.

Geez, for that NORMAL pregnancy it seems I'll be spending a lot of time with stuff in my Hooha, or attached to my belly.

As ungrateful and bitchy as I sound I am happy that Mr. OB has now become Mr. Cautious OB and so I don't have to worry about the health of this baby going forward. I also will get to see her 4-6 more times... nothing wrong with that.

Oh - did I mention I'm on modified bedrest??? yeah - the fun just never ends.

So - to sum up - Hooha - looking good, baby - sounding great, mommy - busy!



becky said...

Well, crap!

Sorry to hear you're on the bedrest again and the twice-a-week appointments...No fun!

Joanna said...

I'm jealous, you go out more than I do... and show your body parts, to boot... if it were any other circumstances you'd be considered a hussy... damnit...I want my title back...

Kelly said...

Hang in there sweetie - its all for a good cause ya know! ;)