Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hormones are fun

Pregnancy hormones are even in another category of hormonal fun... Seriously - someone should bottle and sell this shit on the street. Pregnancy hormones are the craziest, funkiest things on this Earth.

Today has involved both laughing and crying so hard that I've almost peed my pants (yes, pregnancy problems again)... I have these crazy dreams that rival anything that Hollywood is putting out these days (well, except for War of the Worlds - I don't think my little brain could even begin to design such craziness)... and did I mention the emotional turmoil. Geez really. Being pissed off and elated in the same 20 seconds is enough to crash even the most steadfast hard drive.

Crash my hard drive??? Yes - it's true... I do believe my hard drive is trashed. My mother board up and fried itself in the face of these pregnancy hormones.

Now - after exerting about 2 minutes of effort - I need a nap.

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