Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's a squeaker!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoo hoo for the squeaker! I passed by Glucose Tolerance Test - by a hair - but I passed!

Everything was great at my 30 week appointment today - so good that the doctor isn't even going to discuss an early delivery unless something big changes. YEAH!!!! Baby Dough had a nice strong heart beat and is measuring a little ahead but good.

The Doc man suspects that she did indeed do a flip and is now head down. He said she might always flip back - but that's also normal.

I gained 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks - but apparently that's ok since I've only gained 15 so far total. 15 lbs in 30 weeks isn't bad. Normal even.

NORMAL. Seriously - normal! My pregnancy with Julia was pretty uneventful until about this time frame (30 weeks)- when I developed pre-eclampsia and spent the last 7 weeks on varying stages of bedrest. My pregnancy with Anna was also not high risk but "normal" - yet included bleeding during 32 weeks of a 40 week pregnancy - and having contractions starting at 22 weeks.

This pregnancy has been rated High risk from the beginning due to BP issues (which I still argue were stress related not a physical problem) and a couple small issues at the very beginning of my pregnancy... but for a high risk pregnancy - this has been my best one yet! I did have fun with all day sickness until about 19 weeks but see - even that is usually a sign of a healthy, NORMAL pregnancy, I've had some contractions here and there - but usually related to stress or overdoing it, and some aches and pains - but related to the fact that my body is being forcibly occupied by a parasitic alien species. My BP has been great, now my sugars are great. Things are great. Now if I could just stop waiting for the bad part to begin. I think I'm actually relaxing a bit, maybe this is just going to be a normal pregnancy. The kind of normal pregnancy that most women have. I could get used to normal.

Wow - maybe I'll do this again.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK (sound of head being forcibly smacked into wall)

Or - I'll just consider it going out on a high note!

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Joanna said...

yay!!! But it seems to be giving you temporary insanity -- do this again???