Friday, January 20, 2006


So - it's Friday. Sadly - my Way Back Wednesday was a flop as my access to older pictures is limited to what my fat pregnant ass can reach in the top of my closet... which is nothing. :)

New pictures... that I can do!

SO Kristine wants to see the following:

Your Lotions
Your Towels
Your Toothbrush
I'm here to tell you I have you covered...
LOTION: Who doesn't keep their lotions on top of their dog kennel??

Towels: Here is ONE towel... big beautiful sage green Costco jumbo sized towel. The others are on the floor NEAR the laundry room.

My Toothbrush: Mine is the pink - Dan's is blue... and my baby Kabuki and some Crest White Strip wrapper....

Sanitary looking huh??

1 comment:

Kelly said...

LOL about the sanitary comment - at least your toothbrush is not on top of the dog kennel! LOL Get sitemeter - it will show you who and where is lurking! ;)

Gotta run!