Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Days Drama

I hate to bring this up here - but I just have to... On and off for virtually all my life I've watched Days of Our Lives... it was in my blood. my grandparents were DIE HARD Days fans. I've watched on and off and on and off...

Well - the last couple of weeks I've watched it once or twice a week ... and as always - it's just crazy.

Right now the storyline that captures my attention is the Zach/Claire storyline... this is much better acting and writing than the Marlena Demonic possession or the Salem island story... BUT equally as soap opera. Zach - is a little boy who was just hit by a car driven by his newly found half sister - and died. His parents decided to donate his organs (YEAH BO AND HOPE!) and part of his liver will go to a little baby named Claire. Now Claire - is Zach's big brother's (Shawn) ex-girlfriends daughter... BUT shockingly - she's actually Shawn's daughter too (not that Shawn knows this yet) - making Claire Zach's Neice. SO - Zach was killed by his half sister and his liver will go to his neice. - Also said - BO (Zach's dad) just had his son die, killed by his daughter and then his liver will save his granddaughter. WHEW. Oh did I mention that Zach was actually switched at birth with Lexie's (the doctor and Hope's best friend) adopted son - and was raised for his first year or so by Lexie before returned to Bo and Hope - his real parents???

Geez... I just had to get that out of my head. Anyway - as soap opera as it sounds (and it's VERY soap opera - and the only thing making it more soap opera would be if Zach came back from the dead with Elvis in a year or two).... it's some of the best acting I've seen in a LONG time. Maybe it's the hormones - but man - I so know how Bo and Hope feel and it breaks my heart.

Yeah - really - that's it. Nothing life changing here - but thanks for reading all the same.

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Kelly said...

I used to watch Days in college. Its been years, but usually I can pick it up! They move quickly too!