Monday, January 23, 2006

While I'm talking about this baby....

Something that I've learned from being a repeat mom - is that there are certain needs a baby has - and certain things a baby just doesn't need - and even other things that are just an absolute waste of money. Now - this list of things is different for each baby and for different parents.

I for one - see no need for a bumper in a crib. I've never had kids bang their heads into the side of their crib enough to cause a problem - and when they are old enough to use their crib rails as self punishment - the bumper has to come out anyway because they can stand on them to get out.

A friend of mine was just asking what kinds of things we needed for Baby No-name. I of course said "nothing", since I nurse and we plan to cloth diaper for the first 6 months or so. Then she started asking about specifics and I had to laugh... didn't I JUST have a baby - 20 months ago??? How did I forget about all those other things? I do nurse, but I also pump - so as she pointed out - wouldn't I need some new storage bags or other nursing related items? I do cloth diaper - but do I need some new covers or liners - or do I need some disposables for outings? She kept asking and I kept laughing... how can a third time mom be so clueless/forgetful!

Then we've started going through some of our baby things making sure we still have what we think we have and that we haven't donated an intregal baby item or given it up to the garage sale Gods. Wow - certain items get a lot of wear after being used by two kids - over 5 years! Another lesson learned: changing pad after 4 years of diaper changing has no padding left. Oh yeah -the covers that cover that pad are also ready for replacement after 4 years of being pooped and peed on. Sadly - the list went on.

Then another friend of mine (HiAhnah!) is a child seat safety inspector person (I'm sure you "real" moms know what the real title is - but that's the best I can do) reminded us that Julia's infant car seat has expired (5 years from date of manufacture for those not in the know) so that brought up a whole new line of questioning for us.

Still - I'm impressed at how little we need - but surprised at what we do need.

Baby stuff is fun.


Becky said...

Yes, we third time moms can be very forgetful/clueless, but we've also picked up a very useful skill along the way: the ability to improvise! You'll undoubtedly forget to pick up one of those things that was absolutely vital the first and second time around, but you'll amazed by the ingenious way you're able to work without said item when #3 comes around.

Mommy Brain isn't all about forgetfulness! ;o)

Joanna said...

Oh shoot, I didn't know about the cloth diaper thing. So take one of the presents I got ya to the hospital and share with the new moms, or something, or better yet, use 'em anyway and save yourself the first week of washing poopie diapers every day when you're too tired to breathe. ;)

Kirdy said...

Cloth diapers? You are so up for the Golden Vagina Awards this year. Freak.

Imagine how some of that stuff is gonna look after this kid. Remember when you bought the stuff 5 years ago and told yourself you could sell it at a yard sale and get some money back? Yeah, well if you try to sell any of it now people will look at you like you are selling crack in baby bottles. Sucker. ;)