Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The job search

As you may know - my man Dan is on the search for a new job and quite frankly - the sooner the better!

So - what are your best tips for finding a new job? Any advice you have would be great...

We'd also love to hear from you about relocation tips and finding a job in another geographical area.

He has mad SKA-ZILLS - he's about done with his MBA, has his Bachelors in Marketing, has military experience (in training and combat engineering), was a restaurant manager.... so this man can do just about anything he sets his mind to do. He's also the best darn daddy in the world - but so far the pay on that is about squat when it comes to mortgages and health insurance - but pays out the wazoo in the other benefits. He's looking for a job in Marketing - brand management, product management. He has previous marketing experience in food and beverage and in consumer products.

So anything you can offer in terms of where to look, how to get contacts in companies, networking... you know - how did you get YOUR job?



Kelly said...

My best advice is to get a head hunter! They usually know more intimate details about the companies that are hiring.

Good luck to Dan!

Joanna said...

network and name drop! reynoldsandreynolds dot com if you want to namedrop b. marketing jobs there