Friday, January 06, 2006

Way too seriously....

Ok - after reading another blog I visit, I had a very important "come to Jesus" moment with myself. I am SO lucky to be able to stay at home with my kids.

I'm definitely of the understanding that part of our current predicament has directly to do with our decision for me to stay at home with the girls. I've had several friends that work and do the mom thing (and one or two friends who do the work thing but no kid thing) comment (however so subtly) that perhaps our situation wouldn't be so dire if I also had a job.

You know. I just don't understand the need to bash someone when they are down. Well, I mean I do. I'm a bitch. It was a very hard decision for us to make in the first place. We knew we were trading a lot of material things - a bigger house, 2 new shiny cars, designer clothes... but in all reality - it's really hard to be a one income family in today's world. I think it's kind of sad. I don't really care if other moms work. I have quite a few friends that are better moms because they work. How they run their houses is their program... I just could NOT do it. I plan to go back to teaching (and hopefully move up to elementary ed) when the girls are older).. but for now. I just want to be their mom.

Now - I'm not the best stay at home mom - I'm lazy and I certainly don't like the housewife portion of my job - but I can't imagine someone else raising them, that's my thing. I just don't care what other moms want/need/have to do - I want to stay home with mine.

I'm not above going out and getting a job - being 29 weeks pregnant does put a damper on that, especially with the complications I'm having. I know I could DO a job - but actually getting hired is a different thing. Who wants to hire someone, train them, to know they could leave work in 6-10 weeks.

I also want to acknowledge that I now the stress this puts on Dan right now. He's awesome.



Joanna said...

Only you know what's right for your family. I am always amazed at families that can make it on one income (and still do cool things like travel and have hula parties and stuff). Both situations give something up in order to do the best for their families - so, if you WERE to get a job, "those people" would probably say how can you leave your babies just for a few dollars? You can't win!

Het said...

I completely agree with you. I have many, many friends that work in and outside the home and it works great for them. i think everyone has to do what works for them - and I don't understand the need to bash others for their choices in what is ultimately a very personal choice. Kind of like the breast/formula debate... I just don't understand why it's human nature to tear down others for their choices. HUGS to you Joanna!