Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sleep is so highly over-rated!!

I'm really tired of this lack of sleep thing. I know as parents we're due for some sleepless nights - and we were luckier than most - both of the Dough kids were good sleepers. Julia was a sleeping PRO and Anna slightly less so - but still great.

Now I'm sitting here - praying that the last 5 nights are not a predictor of the new baby to come....

Anna and Julia are tag teaming us and we're the losers. One stays up late and the other wakes up shortly after we do the DANCE of relief and almost sleep.... then one of them gets up early... the net result is about 4 hours of sleep.

Right now - Anna is calling to us from her crib - we're praying she doesn't wake up her sister - who finally fell asleep an hour ago.

Yes, I know - "get tough". We'll we don't do the cry it out thing. With two kids - it's not because I'm afraid of ruining the bond - it's because quite frankly - I can't stand it. Both of my kids are tough chicks. In one act of desperation - she cried until she vomited in her crib (after just 30 minutes)... it was the LONGEST 30 minutes of my life. The time it happened with Anna (it wasn't really trying the cry it out thing - it was put her down so she doesn't get harmed situation) she went over an hour before we gave up.

So - right now I'm going to see if we can get Miss Anna down - so that indeed I can get some sleep before Julia gets up at 5am! Wish me luck!


Joanna said...

Not that you have time to read it but I have a book that has somewhat helped me ... the No Cry Sleep Solution... it has some good ideas that I hadn't thought of before, and wish i had tried them with Daisy (she's good now) let me know if you want to borrow it.

Het said...

I have it - and that's what we used to get Anna to sleep. ;) i suppose I better start reading it again - since this week has been terrible.

Last night Anna was up until 1am - (she was going to bed at 10p) and then Julia got up at 6am. SUCK!

Thanks - great minds do think a like!