Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sending the screaming kid to bed ....

I'm sitting here feeling like a bad, bad mom. Julia isn't herself... I'm guessing she's getting sick. But - she has been whining for hours. Finally - she wanted to dance - so we let her stay up to dance for a couple minutes. She has the way about her though - she gets sidetracked and starts doing something else. So when her time is up - she freaks out because she wants to dance.

After listening to her scream at me for the last five minutes - I sent her to bed. She is still in there screaming up a storm. She wants water... she wants a snack... she wants books.... she wants attention.

She's going to sleep... NOW.

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Matthew said...

When I found out we were having twins and didn't yet know the sex I thought, "Oh God, don't let it be two boys - I don't think I can handle two toddler boys!"

Then, I started thinking of girls and I thought, "Oh God! Don't let it be girls - I KNOW I can't handle two teenage girls!"

Your poor, poor husband.