Monday, January 30, 2006

Make the burning stop.... PLEASE

Ok I need sumthin splained to me - why when you lose your job is everything MORE expensive - not LESS expensive?

Yes - I'm back on an insurance rant. We've been spoiled, very, very spoiled. We haven't paid a health insurance premium in 4 years. That was kind of the old companies trick into looking like a "family friendly" company. Appearances ONLY. Trust me.

So- now that there is no job - we've cut back on lots of our expenses but our monthly budget is MORE than it was before the big shit can.

Don't you think that for $1200 a month our insurance would include prescriptions? We're having to call 4 different people to get an answer to this question. The pharmacy congolmerate thats on EVERY corner, our insurance company, the insurance management company and yes - the insurance intermediary of COBRA. Everyone says it's everyone else's problem.

The annoying pharmacy on every corner says that our insurance says we have to pay for the scripts outright and then submit them to the insurance company. The insurance company says we can't talk to them. The management company says they will talk with the insurance company but that it should be the same insurance we had before.

In the meantime - my heartburn is killing me. I usually have a tums or maalox each day - part for calcium part for relief. Today - it's 1pm and I've had 10! We're four days into trying to get this prescription and it's NOT fun. I can't lay down, I certainly CAN'T bend over... ouch. I'm miserable. I've had reflux with all three pregnancies and prescription meds are what have saved me.

So - I sit here - waiting for the phone to ring so that crazy pharmacy can tell me to pick up my stuff.

Edited: OK it says on the bottle - no more than 8 in 24 hours... DAMN what will I do?????

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