Monday, January 23, 2006

She likes me! She really likes me!

My friend Joanna has offered to throw me a baby shower! How cool is that! I'm not actually a big believer in the subsequent child showers since they seem a bit like begging for gifts.... so I didn't have one with Anna. This time around though, I'm just sooo tickled she would offer, and think it's great to celebrate this pregnancy. I think it's kind of fitting to have a shower for the beginning and the end.

So - I'm really excited. I'm having a baby shower. Something I never thought I'd have. A friend who has been such a great support - cheering on Dan - baking a million cookies for my cookie exhange - having the cutest little matched set of flower kids for my girls to play with... :) is having a party - FOR ME! Have I mentioned that NO ONE other than my parents, have had a party for me?


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