Friday, January 27, 2006

SPF - Shake it off...

So - it's Friday (soon!) - we know that means it's time for

This week Kristine wants to see:

Your Toys
Your Secret
Your Eyes

So - here we go!!


This is my childhood dollhouse. A very good family friend of our made this for me as a child, it was one of my best Christmas presents ever. Dan andI tried to do some remodeling - put some new paper inside. We bought the girls beautiful furniture to replace the late 70s, early 80s vibe the previous furniture had. Now - I'm not above my girls playing with "retro" furniture - but I loved it so muchI didn't want it to get ruined. If you notice - almost NO furniture is IN the house.


I've admitted before that I'm a slob, that's hardly a secret. I'm not ashamed of it - but I would LOVE to be able to put this label behind me and join the ranks of the clean and organized. Baby steps... we are working on it - but baby steps. SO - This is one of my slobby secrets - we are stashers. in order to appear somewhat neat - we stash our shit. This is my armoire in my living room. Our bills, magazines and random crap ends up here....


please note - the almost non existant eye - lashes - and my equally non-existant eye brows. It's like I'm hairless! My eyes are grey/blue - but sometimes look green.

Did you play??? Don't forget to let Kristine know!


Kelly said...

Awe, seeing your eyes makes me miss you! :) I played - Happy Friday! (From one stasher to another! )

Kami said...

Okay. I want to come over and organize that thing. I am getting the shakes. ;)

Cool dollhouse. I wouldn't let it be played with either!

dashababy said...

Hi! I always wanted one of those doll houses when I was a kid but never got one. That's a good idea to put away your original furniture so it doesn't get ruined.

Ha! I heard the term "slob in disguise", yep that's me. I watched Martha Stewart yesterday and it was all about organization. That lady is disturbed. I love her but she is waaay too organized for me.
You have kind eyes.
I saw your friend Kellys' comment over at my sis' Kristines so I wanted to come and say "hi".
I don't usually play SPF as I am not that organized to get my stuff together, photograph and then post it. Lazy, thats me, plus I been really sick.

Random and Odd said...

Hi there!
Kelly left a message on my site to let us know you played so we can come over and check out your stuff. I'm glad I did because you have such sweet eyes!!

My sister said she is a slob! HARDLY! She's way more organized that I am!!
I'm the stashing slob too!

You should see how many boxes and the art gallery I have under my bed!!

Glad you played!!

dashababy said...

Ha! See, I told ya, I'm such a slob in disguise, my own sister don't even know it. hehe.

Mrs.Strizzay said...

I played! Your secret is my everyday nightmare!

Het said...

yeah you guys! Thanks for coming! I posted this too early before SPF was open... It's sooo nice to see comments and people visiting!



sullen girl said...

Great pics! And dashababy's right - you do have kind eyes :) And I wish I had a doll house like that when I was little.

I played too!