Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kah may-may u-nye

The Christmas present that was the most fun - was the BIGGEST mistake in the development of my child's speech.

It is official. We have finally determined the elusive language that our Doughkid Anna is speaking. FURBISH.

Some things out of her cherubic mouth are crystal clear - and shocking. Sometimes her 19 1/2 month brain allows her to speak in 3-4 word phrases. For example: "I not happy", "give me my MELK" "I so cold"

Her vocabulary is amazing - she does a great job with her one word exclamations.

yet - even while all of this occurs - 80% of what comes out of her mouth has previously been indistinguishable as English. Let me make this very clear - her mouth doesn't usually stop moving. Some sort of babble is coming out at any given time.

She certainly sounds like she knows what she's saying - but we just shake our heads and ask her to repeat. She does - and she does that "foreigner speak" where she says it much louder and slower. We imagine she's thinking COME ON - Please tell me that I was born into some brains - DOOOO YOOUUUUU UNDERRRSTAAAAND MEEEEEE?

So the other night she was walking around speaking her, what was previously believed to be Cantonese", Anna=speak - that I realized she sounds an awful lot like our Furby. "koh koh" was how she finished all of her phrases - and anyone fluent in Furbish knows that "koh koh" means "again". I go whip out a Furbish dictionary and try to decipher what our young is trying to say.

"Wee-tee kah way-loh" - and "Kah may-may u-nye" - So I simply respond - "Kah may-may u-nye"


Kelly said...

SO what does it actually mean? LOL

Het said...

Kay may-may u nye - means I love you...

Wee te kah way loah - means sing me to sleep or something like that...