Friday, January 13, 2006

So - can someone tell me about BLOG Etiquette?

I read a butt load of amazing blogs... who can tell me what the correct etiquette is in regards to creating a blog-roll. Do you just add people because you like them? Do you ask them for permission?




Kelly said...

I can answer that! You do not need their permission to add them to your roll, and you can add whomever and whatever you want! Some people will add you in return, some won't. Just depends. It helps if you comment a lot on their blog - that gets their attention. I just kept commenting on some and eventually became a regular and got listed on their blog roll. There is absolutely no real "formality" to it - you just list em! ;) It helps your blog get exposure as well!

Het said...


Becky said...

Yeah, list them! I'd love to see who you read.

Het said...

This is my starter list.... ;) Love it!