Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some things I don't like about pregnancy...

- People use the following words TOO often
*Egg White
*Utero, Uterus, Ute

- Pee is no longer a single stream - but flows in many, many directions all at once
- Speaking of Pee - you have to do it ALL the time
- People want to touch your belly, and I do NOT have that cute little pregnant belly - I have a fat woman with a bigger belly - belly.

- People expect you to be able to do MATH - I'm supposed to time contractions... from beginning to end and from beginning to beginning - or is it end to beginning... and then I'm supposed to remember how long they've been doing that. Yeah right. And I'm supposed to figure out whether they are REAL contractions or just pretend (those fun BH ones), and a plan of attack to get them to stop.


MB said...

it's funny. people use all of those same words to describe me, and i've never been pregnant.

dashababy said...

Hahahaha. Its been many years since I was pregnant but I do remember the awkwardness of it all.
Strangers making comments,,,, unwanted people touching the belly. Ugh. And I hated those people that said it was their favorite time in their life and they wished they could be pregnant all the time.

dashababy said...

Oh and good luck with the pregnancy.
If you are one of those people that loves being pregnant, I didn't really mean I hate em, its just they made me feel very inadequate because I couldn't wait for it to be over after the 5th month. :)