Friday, January 13, 2006

No fair... no fair...

Ok - it's officially no fair. NOW I realize that the fact that I'm a fatty who's pregnant is my fault... but really does every HOT female actress of today have to be pregnant at the same time I am?

Just a small sample of the hot preggos... (Thank goodness Jennifer Garner had her baby!)

Katie Holmes (with crazy, crazy Tom)

ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!!! (super hot preggo mama - with hot Brad's baby)

and now....

GWYNETH PALTROW?????!!!!!!!!!! (with hottie crooner Chris Martin)

geez - give a woman a break!


Kelly said...

You're missing Gwen Stefani! lOL

Het said...

oh geez - I didn't even know!

Joanna said...

LOL I know what you mean- I had Britney Spears to compete with..I Think I looked better than her at the end... see, temporary insanity truly does kick in toward the end... (and you are way prettier than Katie Holmes, btw.)

Het said...

Joanna - you rock. ;) Are you sure you aren't still delusional??

and I totally agree that you looked WAY better than brit at the end of both of your pregnancies!

With Anna I was pregnant with Courtney Cox and Gwynth. Gotta love the celeb baby boom!