Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So - I'm going to fail miserably on my very first try. I've spent four days scouring my photos to find any of my being... well dramatic.

Mama Duck (the kept woman) has asked to see our "Fifteen minutes of fame! Lets see any theatrical/dance/etc. productions that you've taken part in, even if it is just you being a drama queen"

Now drama queen I am... photographic evidence to support said personality trait.... NADA!!! After years of dancing... even in a fun green tutu as a Bon Bon... not a picture to show for it. My parents think they have some - but can't figure out how to scan it and send it.

My ass was once in the paper - they showed my big old butt walking on a curb on my way home from school once. I was in the paper for my involvement in SADD quite a bit my junior and Senior year, and for Mock Trial when we went to States (you see my geek bio forming here or what???)... Oh yeah - my engagement and wedding picture was in the paper.... but thats because we gave it to them to put in there - I'm not sure that counts.

So - sadly - and not following the rules - I'll offer up proof of the Doughkids in their dramatic glory.

I'm sorry Mama Duck (TKW) to have let you down on my inaugural WBW! If you played - stop by and let her know!

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Kelly said...

I'll take Julia photos anyday! LOL Great post - glad you played! I played too!